Role Creative Director, Lead Designer, Developer
Studio Open Form Games
Contributors Stuart Templeton, Thomas Hurtt
Platforms Windows, macOS, Linux

Walk the streets of the Vegas Prime Central District with your own digital tour guide. Explore notable locations and learn about the history and lore of Vegas Prime and its role in unravelling the story of Vegas Prime Retrograde.

And watch out, our guide system may have been hacked.

Purpose and Function

The Travel Guide served primarily as an engine proof of concept. We wanted to validate some of the smaller parts of our game, like controller input, by letting our existing fans play with it. While not a game, per se, it served to keep our fans interested in Vegas Prime while we continued developing the game.

Technologies and Challenges

The Vegas Prime Travel Guide is built primarily with C# in Unity3D. Because this was an engine proof of concept, it uses both in-house assets and publically available city assets.