Role Musician, Lead Designer, 2d Artist, Animator, Developer
Studio Open Form Games
Contributors Stuart Templeton, Thomas Hurtt
Platforms iOS, Android, PC, Classic Arcade upright cabinet.

Xamalga is an addictive, action-packed arcade game that uses the power of music to drive gameplay. Play against the pulse-pounding tracks of Xamalga Prime or go head-to-head against your own library of music as you take on Xamalga in Open Form Foundation’s music-based arcade game. Struggle against Xamalga for points through each song, competing for top ranks and bragging rights.

Technologies and Challenges

Xamalga was built using the Cocos2d-x engine using a core of C++. The music and audio features were created using Objective-C and Java for the iOS and Android platforms. The audio feature pulled audio data directly from the system library, Google Music and iTunes, and dynamically established complexity and difficulty for each song. Though the game isn’t rythm-based, it derived all of the unique gameplay elements directly from the music.