I am Stuart Templeton

This is my face.

Hello! I write and design games, microfiction, and interactive fiction.

I am currently creator and maintainer of Starscan, an experimental FOSS game that uses procedural generation to dynamically craft emergent narrative. I'm also finishing Enigmata VR, a collaborative maze-based multiplayer puzzle game. I've written several interactive fiction stories, including cyberpunk heist story Memory Lane and classic literature-inspired Chronologist.

I enjoy crafting and exploring experiences that offer a deeply personal relationship with something.

Games and Recent Creations

Here is a collection of currently available video games and interactive fiction pieces for PC, macOS, and Linux. Please feel free to explore and enjoy.


Narrative Design & Writing Samples

Not-So-Recent Creations

Video games I've worked on in a variety of roles, ranging from designer to developer to quality assurance. Most of these are old and may or may not be available, but each has taught me something about the art of creating games.

  • Vegas Prime Retrograde | Designer/Developer/Writer | 2014
  • E.V. and Jett | Designer/Developer | 2013
  • Xamalga 2 | Designer/Developer | 2013
  • Xamalga | Designer/Developer | 2012
  • The Sims Online | AppSec QA | 2002
  • EA's Majestic | AppSec QA | 2001
  • Motor City Online | AppSec QA | 2001
  • Multiplayer Battletech: 3025 | AppSec QA | 2001
  • Ultima Online | QA | 2000
  • Multiplayer Battletech: Solaris | QA | 2000