Role Creative Director, Lead Designer
Studio Open Form Games
Contributors Stuart Templeton, Thomas Hurtt

Stasis is an 8 page minicomic leading up to the events of our game Vegas Prime Retrograde. The comic follows Clare as she prepares to go into jump stasis, headed for Vegas Prime. The events of the comic take place immediately before the beginning of Vegas Prime Retrograde.

Goals and Challenges

One of my key goals with the Stasis comic was to create a download for our dedicated fans and community members that would show them a bit of what we’re working on and tease them with some behind-the-scenes lore. It served as a brief introduction to our protagonist, Clare, and a synthetic AI, Alpha-9, and leaves off at the begining of the tutorial area in Vegas Prime Retrograde. We built the comic using Unity3d level designs as the central artwork layer and included layered dialog and exposition to create a comic-like experience.